Help! Tyre bulge!!!

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Hi All,
Just repaired a puncture on my front wheel. When i pumped up the tyre to the specified 100psi i noticed the tyre bulging in one section, to the point that it looked like it was about to push the rim of the tyre over the rim of the wheel. I assumed it was the innertube so i replaced that with a brand new one but the same thing happened (but i THINK it was in a different place on the wheel).

I don't know what to do next. HELP!!!!!


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    sounds like the bead is not correctly seated in the rim. Is the wheel an old one? The rim might be on it's way out (the braking surface will be dished if that's the case).

    If you're satisfied that the wheel is OK:

    1. Partially inflate the tube
    2. Refit the tyre
    3. Work your way round the tyre, making sure that it's correctly seated at all points
    4. Fully inflate
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    Great - thanks
  • Quite often the reason why the tyre isn't seated properly is because the innertube is being pinched between the rim and the bead - better check that hasn't happened.
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    Managed to sort it by re-seating the tyre with a lot more care. Thanks again
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    100psi into a dodgily seated tyre is impressive, mine usually go bang well before that :p