Garmin 705 junction alert

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Hello all,

When I got my Garmin 705 it would bleep as I approached a junction and throw up a picture of what I had to do when I got there. I sent it off for repair and now it doesn't do this any more. I've had a look and I all I can find is the distant and time alerts, which tell you that *something* is going to happen in 30s or 100m. Can someone tell me how to get the old way back?

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    Send it in the post to me with £300 to cover costs and I'll get it working like it was for you :lol:
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    Strange, I also sent off a 705 and got a replacement, I still get the beep but usually 20m after the junction which is less useful. I'm using same routing/mapping etc so don't know what the cause is.
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