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Anyone moved to the iClic from RXS?
I was going to go for the new ones for my good bike but can you use the new cleats with the RXS range?
I was thinking not and only have the one pair of shoes!

Cheers :)


  • guinea
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    You can't use the same cleats.

    I'm suffering huge wear issues on my iClics. Might change again soon.
  • Rule74Please
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    used both prefer RXS broke 2 pairs of i-clic cleats in 2 days
  • racingcondor
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    I moved from RXS to IClics and while I do love the security etc of the new pedals I'm finding myself changing cleats every 3 months (and that's with the new 'hard' compound).

    The pedals are great. The cleats are awful. Still.

    Like Guinea I'm thinging of changing again. Ultegra may not be pretty or light but they do have a reputation for working and lasting forever.
  • Wrath Rob
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    I run RXSs on the commuter and iClic's on the Sunday bike. Once you're clipped in the iClics are more stable and feel better and transferring the power through to the cranks. The RXSs however are easier to get a clean engagement first time. Quite often with the iClic's I'm left partially clipped in, with my foot at an odd angle and I have to unclip and then clip in again

    Echo the cleats comments too. First set cracked, which various net forums helped identify as a design issue in the cleat. Wiggle replaced them with the new design free of charge.

    The replacement set are wearing out fast. So fast that I don't want to commute in them due to the increased wear.

    Would I buy them again? No. When I had my bike fit at BikeWhisperer they recommended Speedplay padals, so when I change I think I'll change to them.
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  • rc856
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    Thanks for the replies.
    I was really just going to upgrade because the pedals and cleats are lighter.
    Got a really old basic set of RXS on the winter bike.
    Think I'll put my old carbon ones on the winter bike and get a new set of carbon for the good bike!