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the boxerthe boxer Posts: 3
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hi everyone I am new to mountain biking and i have got a giant trance x4 2009 model and I have not one clue how to set any thing up for want I want it for and that is single track
I am practicing manly in Epping Forest and any where till I get some experience and confidence so any tips at all please and general tips are much appreciated many thanks


  • diydiy Posts: 6,680
    Set the sag on the shocks and forks to give you about 20% compression when sat on the bike in your normal riding clothes.

    On the reba front you do this by draining the -ve champer (letting the air out) putting air in the top roughly according the the weight guide on the fork but maybe less 10-20%, then add air to the -ive until it is roughly the same as the +iv, for a more sensitive ride when riding over rough ground, increase the -ve champer, if you find the fork bottoms out regularly up the +ive and also the -ve to suit. Set the rebound (dial at the bottom right of the fork) on both front and to be about in the middle and adjust as necessary once you get more experience.

    Adjust the brake and gear angles so that you have a line along your arms in your normal (unseated/attack riding position) for the brakes and the gears reach easily.

    Adjust the seat so that you get a good compromise between pedal efficiency, while still being able to slide off the back when needed for down hill. The seat should be as high as possible while being able to do this, so that your legs are straight from the bottom of the cranks. Seat should also be level under sag, use a spirit level to help.
  • the boxerthe boxer Posts: 3
    thank you for the info Author
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