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I've got a 20 year old Dawes Horizon with the original wheels still on it and I've been using it quite a lot recently 40-50 miles per day at the moment with panniers on the rear and over the hills in the south downs. Tonight I noticed that there's a fairly significant buckle in the rear wheel, so I was thinking that I'd try to adjust the spoke tensions to straighten the wheel out but given the age of it (and probably the weight compared to modern wheels) I was wondering if it might be worth just buying some new wheels. I'm planning on continuing the 40-50 miles per day until September when I'm doing a 1400 mile 14 day tour where I definitely don't want problems with the wheels.

Can anyone recommend some suitable wheels for this purpose? I need them to allow 30mm tyres to be fitted and I'm not sure if most road wheels allow this sort of width, hence my question on here.

Price wise, as little as possible. I'm not after super lightweight/aero wheels, just something that will be robust and fit the relevant tyres.

Thanks in advance.



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    Check out touring specialists like Spa Cyles, SJS or give Paul Hewitt's a ring
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Thanks. Still lots of choice though, any recommendations at all?
  • I've just got some off the shelf Deore hub/Mavic rim (36 hole) wheels from my LBS. Probably £100ish for front and back - which I guess is less then Spa/SJS etc will do you a pair for. Of course the places Montydog recommended have good reputation........

    Questions - how worn are the rims on the original wheels? Do the hubs still feel smooth? I don't know if cheapish modern wheels are that much lighter - and once you add weight of your touring luggage I doubt a few hundred extra grams on the wheels will make much difference.
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    Have a word with Harry - top quality wheel builder who does some touring himself and won't sell you dud wheels. Take his advice.

    I've got at least 7 pairs of his wheels and never even had to have one re-trued.

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    The attached may look familiar. Fitted it a few months back with handbuilts from Spa Cycles (THE touring bike shop!). Rigida Chrina rims, Sapim spokes and Deore LX hubs (LX because they come with a nice alloy finish rather than painted). Rock solid and straight as a die!


    Pic shows it with some old crappy wheels. Still, not bad for a good 7000 miles under its belt!

    Faster than a tent.......