Upgrading to 10 speed

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I'd like to upgrade my winter trainer to 10 speed. Am I right in thinking that the components i need for this are: shifters, cassette and chain?

The one that confuses me is the rear mech - at a Sigmasport mechanic course I went on, the mechanic said that the rear mech just works between the high and low limits and so can be used as 10sp compatible, and yet new mechs are marketed as 9 or 10 sp etc.

Is that right? Many thanks in advance.


  • Slack
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    The rear mech will be fine. It's movement is determined by the shifter.
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  • yocto
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    Slack wrote:
    The rear mech will be fine. It's movement is determined by the shifter.

    what he said.
  • maddog 2
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    that is true

    but don't use a Shimano MTB 10spd mech, or SRAM for that matter, as the pull ratios are different.

    front mech will be fine but 10spd are very slightly narrower.
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    yup - correct. I have '9 speed' front and rear shimano mechs running with 10 spd chain, cassette, chainset and shifters. Until a recent upgrade I had a 9 speed chainset and it worked fine.

    Incidentally, on another bike I have a 10spd chainset and chain running on a 9 speed cassette - no problems at all.
  • weapons
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    Great - thanks all. That spares me a bit of cash!