Campag Record rear mech & 27T cassette

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Anyone know if a Campagnolo Record short cage rear mech would cope with a 12/27 cassette (and 50/34 chainset)?


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    27 is about the limit of a Campag short cage with a compact chainset. There is some good info on the Park Tool website regarding getting the right chain length. Be concerned if the chain does not pass the small/small test - be less concerned that it might not pass the big/big test.
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    I ran a 13-29 on a campag centaur short cage mech on a 50/34 chainset without any problems, I just had to swap over to a longer chain than the one used for my usual 12-25 cassette.
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    Yep - 13-29 is straightforward with a short cage mech. 27 probably won't need the chain length altering.
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    Thanks all