New Ribble or s/h Wilier?

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I have just got back into cycling and have had a few months on a Boardman Comp. I am really enjoying the commute and weekend rides. Soon to enter my first Audax and have joined the local club. After borrowing a friends Ribble Sportive I found it so much faster and comfotable. I had it in mind to purchase a used 2010 Wilier izoard Centaur with less than 500 miles on but after messing around on Ribbles bike builder I can build a Chorus spec bike for the same money

My main concern is warranty if something bad should happen on the Wilier, not sure as a second owner if I am covered or not?

They're both awseome bits of fit and will stay with me for years.


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    Also try Ribble special edition bikes for the Sportive with Centaur. I don't think you can get Chorus on the special editions but the prices are cheaper there than on the bike builder so that may help your decision.

    Also check the respective geometries. A good test ride is worth its weight in gold. If you are comfy on the Sportive over distance, and the geometry of the Wilier is different, you can't assume you'll be as comfortable on it.

    Technically, the warranty of the Wilier probably won't transfer - so it depends a bit on the attitude of Wilier to this sort of thing.

    Also depends on price - I assume the Wilier is about £1600 as that is about what I get the Bike Builder to give for a basic Chorus spec Sportive. FWIW, I paid about £1200 for a special edition Centaur equiped Gran Fondo last year. I think you'd be able to get Athena for £1300.
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    The Wilier is £1400 and I have only ridden a short distance on that frame. Its difficult finding a medium to test due to the current stock levels in Italy. Like for like the Ribble can be cheaper with Centaur but like everything faced with options I thought why not go for Chorus and be done with it! The other option I have considered is Ribble Centaur with decent wheels, but then this could also be applied to the Wilier.

    Its all a long way from my old Raleigh Winner :lol:
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    Isn't the Willier the same frame as the Sportive?
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    FoldingJoe wrote:
    Isn't the Willier the same frame as the Sportive?

    A 2010 Izoard is very different and the Izoard XP has a different seat stay shape, different top tube, and the bit where the top tube meets the seat stays is different too.

    Scroll down the page on this link ... 2056239127

    Different bike :wink:
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    Go with the ribble- I have the gran fondo with ultegra and am very happy with it. It feels an awful lot more expensive than it was.

    You do have to put up with ribble's ropey service- which from my personal experience has not been at all perfect- but the resulting bike is a dream so i'd probably still go back (even after swearing at the time i never would). just my experience though...

    A warranty is an important thing in my book too- faults do happen and don't always show themselves immediately.