Morzine & Les Gets DH Video

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For anyone heading there this summer, or if you just want to check out what its like, heres a little video i finished making from footage taken this week.

Check it out below ... l?spref=tw


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    I wanna be there!
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    Watching that brings back some good memories 8) 8)
  • BroodBrood Posts: 138
    What bikes are you riding?
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    thanks for that, 2 weeks till I'm there, excited is the understatement of the century. Gonna ride as many places as possible in 2 weeks. On the list so far Morzine, Chamonix, Les Arcs, Deux Alpes and Tignes.
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    lush :lol:

    p.s. whats the song?
  • Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm missing being there bigtime! We hired Kona Stinky TL 2011 bikes from Alpine Elements. The song is Billy Talent (This is how it goes).

    Share the video too if you could

    Thanks again :]
  • dan sharddan shard Posts: 722
    That looks like sooo much fun! Is it fairly smooth or is it just the camera angle flattening it out?
  • GPierottiGPierotti Posts: 104
    love it! i go on friday!! :D
  • Its a hell of a lot steeper than the camera makes out. You really do need to get a bit of training in if you plan to ride hard all week. The brake bumps into the corners take some getting used to but once you learn how to ride them (faster the better) you forget all about it and have the most fun on a bike!

    I want to go back so badly! I was at the BDS round 4 at Llangollen today and bumped into to Matt Simmonds who rides for CRC. The same time last week he was sat in the same bar as me in Morzine... i wish someone would sponsor me haha.
  • dan sharddan shard Posts: 722
    Brake Bumps....whats them then?
  • Who did you organise the trip with mate?
    It's all good fun until someone loses a censored .

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    dan shard wrote:
    Brake Bumps....whats them then?

    braking bumps, are the big holes before couner from ppl slaming on the brakes to make the couner. its rips of the track leaving big holes.

    p.s i googled it as i was thinking the same thing :lol:
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    I've just come back from being there for a week. We did the Portes de Solie race on Sunday then spent a week visiting dfifferent trails. Words CANNOT describe how much fun and enjoyment me and my friends had. The riding was out of this world and I'll treasure every moment I spent there.

    If you get the chance then go there, riding will never be the same again!
  • I echo the last comment entirely! If you get the chance to go, dont think twice! Some of our friends were in Magaluf getting pis*ed at the same time and the joke is on them.

    We booked the trip through Alpine Elements and stayed in the Hotel Renardiere. It was the second week of the season so only main lifts were open and the pass was 62 Euros (a lot less than what the locals offered it for). Bike hire was £130 for 6 days and we got Kona Stinky TL 2011 bikes. Two of them were literally out of the box and mine was 1 week old. It meant my forks were nicely bedded in lol. You can pay the same price for 3 days on an Orange 224 from the local shops. That seemed to be the standard rate anywhere in the town... 75 euros a day. So the 130 for 6 days was alright with us, albeit the bikes wernt incredible, they sure did the job.
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    wow that really makes me want to go back, looks like there's a whole lotta trails open now.
    i been lucky enough to have a couple of trips out there and like you said it took a bit of time to get used to the braking bumps (and arm pump!).
    but if you don't hurt yourself, the jump in skills/confidence is massive once you get back home to trails you know.
    great vid though nice edit
  • thanks mate. Really appreciate the comments.

    I agree too, confidence has increased massively!
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