Belt drive

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i was reading about belt drives on bikes in a geeky professional engineering magazine. The bikes featured were made by trek and they seem to suggest a lot of development was involved - I don't think you can retrofit a belt drive system not least because you'd have to saw through your frame since the belt cant be broken (as you would a chain) for the fitting process.


  • alan_sherman
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    Gates carbon belt drive. Someone fitted one to an On One Pompetamine by use of a hacksaw. They sound interesting but not necessarily the answer for everything - alignment and tension are key.
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    Yup Gates Carbondrive - however, the price of aftermarket components is prohibitively expensive - i.e. £300 for a set - you'd be better buying a whole bike. Retro-fitting to an existing frame is somewhat complicated by the fact that you need to a joint in the frame somewhere to pass the belt through - given that a Langster is an alloy frame makes it quite tricky - suggest you use a Pompetamine as it's steel. A singlespeed cross bike with a belt drive and disc brakes would make a great low maintenance bike - will probably get around to building one some time.
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