What sunscreen?

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Looking for a sunscreen with high SPF (30+) that does not make you sweat like crazy and will do the job for the day without re-applying... So far I have not been able to find any. Can anyone recommend a brand? Thanks
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  • forestnot1
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    P20 is good. Its quite expensive but im fair skinned and i put in on in the morning and am fine for the rest of the day. I thinks its used by quite a few pro's aswell.
  • maddog 2
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    (although I use the 20spf one)
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  • cornerblock
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    P20 is great but does stain your clothes, towels etc. Best give it time to dry in before you dress.
  • Bozman
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    Coppertone SPORT Continuous Spray, SPF 30.

    This stuff is head and shoulders above anything else i've tried, you just spray it on like deodorant(i don't mean under your arms) and it drys quickly without any oily/greasy residue, it's waterproof, sweatproof and lasts ages.

    The only downside is that you have to order it on the net from the states because for some crazy reason they don't sell it here but it is well worth it
  • MattL30
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    +1 for P20.
  • jordan_217
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    I use this stuff. Works well, and relatively cheap:

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Banana-Quick-Sp ... ty_title_1
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  • markshaw77
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    Another +1 for P20

    Have tried plenty of others, but this is the best by far
  • vorsprung
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    Ultrasun Sports 30 Spray is similar to p20 but it is factor 30

    I've not used this particular product but I have used other Ultrasun stuff and it was great

    I use p20 at the moment as it is more widely available
  • I currently use P20 and as a redhead who burns on a cloudy day in winter I can confirm that it seems to work for me - I did have some coppertone sports stuff when I was on the other side of the pond that was awesome but didn't provide the all day solution in that it needed re application after a few hours.
  • PieterM
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    Thanks all! I'll test some of these over the summer. Any advice on getting the P20 stains out of my clothing? :)
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  • Sammyw23
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    The old version of P20 stained really bad but the new version which only takes 15 mins to "set" is not as bad especially if you let it dry fully before getting dressed. 30 mins of walking round the house naked to air dry should be fine....!
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    I looked for P20 but local stores were out, so tried Pizz Buin One Day instead. It has been a revelation - soaks in almost immediately and leaves no residue or grease on the skin. I have hairy arms and hate think creams, this stuff feels thin and leaves very little trace.

    It works well too - I missed a spot and got a burn mark on the top of one arm (you remember that day in April when the sun came out!), but the rest of me was fine! I use the SP15 version as I want a bit of colour, but it comes in higher factors.

    I think it comes in cheaper than P20 too. Only thing I cannot comment on is whether it discolours clothing, I haven't noticed any problems and any staining after washing though.