Bottom Brackets - GXP/BB30

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I have SRAM Rival with the GXP chainset/BB.

How complex is it to swap to BB30 and will I get any noticeable benefit?
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  • sungod
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    unless you use adaptors (there are a few but reports seem to be mixed), you need a frame with a bb30 shell to fit bb30 bearings

    depending on the adaptors, you may then be losing the benefits of lower weight and lower q factor (assuming lower q factor is a benefit for you in bikefit terms)

    the larger diameter axle should be stiffer, but if the adaptors are less stiff than native bb30, even that may not count for much

    unless you've got a bb30 frame, i'd stick with traditional threaded bb
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  • maddog 2
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    as said, you'd need new everything - frame, chainset and BB
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    Cheers, guess I won't bother in that case then! :shock:
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