Canyon ultimate al / roadlite. Sizing help

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im considering eithe of these frames for a winter build but can't use the sizing gizmo they use due to iPad not allowing flash..... Another story..

I'm riding a infinito which is a 53cm with a 110'stem and seem to be between sizes in canyon 52/54 ... Does anybody have any pointers with this I was thinking of going for the 54 and then shorting the stem accordingly or an I'm looking at this from the wrong direction. ... etries.gif


  • wicked
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    I have not got a canyon but looking at those charts i would think a 52 would be your size? The bianchi 53 is not a big 53, more like a 52 and then the canyon has that long steerer. Don't blame me though if it all goes tits up :wink:
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  • gwillis
    gwillis Posts: 998
    Thanks wicked..... The black art of bike fitting is mind numbing im going to email canyon and hope thy can give me some pointers