SPD SL's or Look pedals and cleats?

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The new bikes arriving tomorrow, so I need to order some shoes and pedals.

I'm pretty much decided on Shimano R077's as the DHB R1's are out of stock at Wiggle, but I'm undecided between Shimano R540 or Look Keo Easy pedals to complete the set up.

I keep reading that the Shimano R077's take some getting used to so would the Look pedals be a better option for me?

Any advice would be useful thanks!
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  • nferrar
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    Not really much difference between them IMO, only advantage of Look is you can get cleat covers for them whereas no one seems to sell cleat covers for SPD-SLs. I used Looks ages ago and they were fine, more recently used SPD-SLs and they were fine to, although I've now just switched to Speedplay Zeros and guess what, they're fine to :p
  • RowCycle
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    Yeah, any will do the job.

    I used to have Shimano Ultegra, I recently changed to Look Max 2. I found the Shimano slightly easier to clip in, both easy to clip out.

    But both were fine.
  • nmcgann
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    I found spd-sl pretty hard to clip into (and didn't get easier with practice), but look keo much better.

    Make sure you've tried the shoes on first - Shimano are generally a narrow fit.
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