Road bike for me Lady £600ish short reach needed

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OK I've been looking around for a While now trying to size up a bike for the Mrs, she's a bit of a shortie so in an ideal world we're looking at a Top tube of about 46-47cm. Pretty much the smallest size available if at all. Womens bikes seem to have a shorter TT by a few cm which would probably be better but I'm open to options . . . . but it must be a bargain!

Option 1 was the Beone Briza from CRC but this jumped from £500 to £700 the other day :( plus the TT is 513 which might be too long so think this has been dumped now ... elID=45888

Option 2 Bianchi She, they only have the 47cm model left which has a 507 TT, ST height seems ok though ... _Bike_2010

Option 3 - Chinese carbon, got some spare wheels already and merlin have a tiagra groupset for £270 so this could come in on budget. Problem is they all seem to have long top tubes, there's some on ebay size 44 with 530 TT! ! If anyone knows of a short reach frame carbon or otherwise this is definitely an option.

Help, anyone point me in the right direction of a nice bike or frame with a short TT