Pro-Lite Luciano for a newbie

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Ok simple question.

Will i kill these wheels and are they appropriate?

Old bike I picked up dead cheap 2002 Giant OCR using it for 30-60M commuting per day every other day. Also started riding with a club for fitness once or twice a week and I really enjoy it and I'm moving into the fast group this coming week as I'm too fast for the slow group on intervals and TT's.

However my wheels look pants 1 is a square type profile and silver and the other black - both Rigida and they look very very old and are both buckled. Think 80's type design.

So Im using this non carbon forked bike and fancy some new wheels to tidy it up a bit so I thought some second hand somethings and these pro-lites popped up for <100 which is more than the whole bike was.

I wont swap the wheels around as im lazy so will I kill these wheels and should i look for something a little more hardy? Are they good or flimsy?

Im about 14st.


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    I have a set on my Ribbe Gran Fondo. They lok the mutts nuts and roll very swiftly. In club rides I am having to constantly back off when descending whilst others are still on the power!

    They seem pretty stiff to me, I am just under 13 stone and have not noticed any flex at all. Accelerate very swiftly and climb well.

    For that price I would say they are a bargain, but then I am pretty much a newbie to proper road cycling as opposed to communting on a road bike. Hope this helps.
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    Anyone else have these - how hardy are these for rough roads? Snapping Spokes etc?