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Find this somewhat unbelievable but have been to the local bike shop, wanted to to try a Wilier for size, asked if they had one in stock & was told no,the only way to get one would be to purchase the bike, if i didn't like it or it wasn't the right size then they would be left with the bike.

I found this hard to believe so I phoned ATB Sales( the importers) and asked for a demo bike to be sent only to be told that they only had an X Large demo in stock and in order to get one i'd have to buy it.

Informed them I was not prepared to spend £3500 on a bike without at least sitting on it to try it for size first, but was told this was not possible, is it just me or is this totally insane, I can't blame the local bike shop as they might not be able to shift it, but surely Wilier/ATB Sales should have a large enough stock to allow people to at least try their bikes before buying.


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    I've had the exact same problem - you are not alone.

    The bike industry has an utterly retarded approach to business. You wouldn't spend £100K on a sports car without driving one first, but you can't ride a £2.5K bike without buying it.

    I had to buy a Super Six blind - wasn't suitable for me so I sold it at a £750 loss after 3 rides. Trying to get rides to replace it has been like pulling teeth. In the end, I've found a Specialized Concept store that will let me take an S-Works Roubaix out (but I have to pay in full and they'll refund afterwards), and another store that will let me take a Bianchi Infinito out.

    They need to get a grip - it's f*cking frustrating.
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    One day I will be asking my club shop for a bespoke day...
    funnily enough when it is completed I wont get a test ride... :wink:
    (oh, the cost is going to be knocking on the door of probably 3 and 1/2 k... by the time ... I get to order probably £6k if components get any dearer)
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    How can anyone expect a small local bike business to carry a version of each model in stock in each frame size? So the alternative is for the importer to have one of everything that they have to ship around all the shops they supply whenever it is demanded? Even car dealerships won't have each specification level of each model of car. If you are only after a size check then try a bike in that size from a different model in the range or get a bike fit done. As above, you can spend a fortune on a custom built frame but never get to test it first.