Helen Gaskell Jumps & Drops Course next week -16th Lland

hels bels
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Hey Ladies

Im running another Course at Llandegla next week on Thursday if anyone wants to sign up
Check my website for details and email asap if you fancy it..



  • pink rider
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    I went along to this course last month and can't recommend it enough my confidence on the trails has improved massively and I'm loving popping off stuff and trying to go bigger on all the jumps.
    If you can get the time off, get there.
    Cheers again gas

  • DanielleT
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    I think I am most likely going to attend the course :D I've put out a message to my other girly cycling buddies (even though most of them are brill riders already!) to see if any of them are interested too.

    Is anyone else planning on going?

    Dani x
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  • Adnams82
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    Hi Dani,

    I am all signed up to go :) Very excited. I don't have any girly riding buddies, will be great to meet some folks.


  • DanielleT
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    Sweet!! I've sent my mail to Helen to say i'm going :)

    Soo can't wait!! Be really awesome to hone the meager skills i've got already and to meet other cycling girls :)
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  • DanielleT
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    Just wanted to say that the skills day was awesome and I’d totally recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going along to one. I learnt soo much in a day and it has helped my confidence towards tackling jumps and drops no end!
    My problem was that I just used speed to help me blast over objects. Helen helped me by getting me to slow down and use the proper techniques to tackle them, all of which in time when I speed back up will help me clear objects much more safely and consistently! Helen (and Faye from girlmtnbiker.com) both explained things clearly and in a way which was easily understood, with plenty of demonstrations. The whole day was completed in a relaxed manner and there was no pressure on having to do everything, you can work to your own personal goal with fantastic guidance and plenty of support :D
    So go on girls, if you get the opportunity get yourselves on one of the courses run by Helen, it may be the best thing you do for your riding ;)
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