New wheels for large rider

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I am going to upgrade my wheels for the first time (I have a Boardman Team Carbon 2010 with Richey Pro wheels) I am a tall, heavy rider (6"4, 100kgs) so really am looking for stiff wheels over lightweight wheels, my cycling is generally sportives around 100-150kms with a few hill climbs so want the wheel not to flex when climbing. What is good for around £500-£600 price range, may pay more if its worth the investment. Hear good things about Mavic wheels but dont want to just pay for the name.



  • Am thinking between Mavic Ksyrium (SR/SL), Fulcrum 1/3 and Campagnolo Neutron Ultra
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    I'd spend £100 and put the rest towards a decent frame. Shimano RS10 or Planet-x model B's would be an improvement with decent tyres.
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    Get some wheels built. Wheelsmith seem to get good reviews. If you tell them your requirements i reckon they could build what you need:
  • Bloddy hell you're a big fella. I suggest you stop eating until you look like a plucked sparrowhawk and in the meantime ride a tractor.

    We didn't buy any new kit until we could see our internal organs through our ribs. Then we knew we were race fit.
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    New lighter wheels are a great investment, - they make a big difference.

    I am about the same weight as you and have a pair of mavic ksyrium sl - they are very strong, maybe not the lightest but they are still running true after 2 years. I also have fulcrum zeros on the new bike and they are also great.
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    Seeing this "big lad" stuff worries me. I am only 6'1" and normally weigh 100-105kg but this is due to lifting a lot of heavy weights, Not fat; can see all stomach muscles, ribs etc.

    I just worry because once I get rid of meningitis and back to normal weight and start eating properly again my standard specialized elite 2011 wheels may be "weak".

    I went into edinburgh cycles the other day and explained I am a bit of a heffer: They advised I look at either aksiums or fulcrum 5's.

    Best of luck and sorry I am not more helpful, only just started.

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    I used to weigh in at a similar level to yu (15 and a half stone or so, at 6'3'), I've dropped down to 14st (ish -90kg).
    Weight is one part of the picture - some people (heavy or light) are hard on their kit, others less so. This should influence choice, too (degree of roiustness, availability of spares).

    Stiff, light wheels are generally regarded as the best 'bang for buck' improvements. You have a very healthy budget, there, too. In some way this may make the choice too great! How important is the look of the wheels to you? Plenty of very good factory built wheels out there. HED wheels get rave reviews (see elsewhere on this site). As another poster has suggested, finding a good wheelbuilder, discussing your needs will be anither good approach. A good wheel builder will tailor the build to you and your style of riding. Harry Rowland has built me some good wheels in the past and always talks a huge amount of common sense.

    My best bike currently has Neutron Ultras and they are very good, I can vouch for their strength for the stronger, heavier rider. (I remember Magnus Backstedt won Paris Roubaix on some Neutrons and he was a big, strong rider).

    Good luck,