Opinions on a Claud Butler Vicenza please?

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I'm after some reviews of a Claud Butler Vicenza, it's a 2005 with the Campagnolo equipment on it. I know some people don't like CB because they're not Italian and don't cost the earth and that's fine each to their own, I'd just like to get some opinions from those more experienced than me.


  • night_porter
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    Unless you can find someone who owned one of these you won't get a really accurate assessment of the bike.

    Things I know about Claud Butler. Many years ago they were handbuilt steel bikes with a super reputation. I know Falcon bought the rights to the name and they now make the current crop of bikes and they are the premium range of Falcon Cycles.

    They compete with the likes of Dawes, Raleigh, Viking etc. in the budget end of the road bike market with bikes ranging from entry level at £300ish up to carbon bikes in the £1400 price range. I think their most popular bikes are their mountain bike ranges but does that really matter?

    Not the big marketing budgets of the likes of Trek, Specialized or Giant so the bikes work out slightly cheaper for the same levels of equipment. But since we are all affected by marketing telling us how their products are so much better then you won't find many CB's being recommended on here but they are okay bikes with good value for money.

    The Vincenza looks as though it is one of the better bikes they manufacture judging by the current retail price and the level of components added to the frame e.g. Tiagra, Ritchey, etc.

    The most important things are do YOU like the bike? Have you ridden it? Did you feel comfortable? Do you like the look of the bike? Is it the right price for your budget? Is it mechanically sound?

    A yes answer to these questions mean you should buy it and be happy with your purchase. It looks okay to me.