Which Thule Bike Carrier?

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I have a new set of Thule roof bars, newest version of foot pack, square bars. It looks like there are loads of different compatible carriers but which one is best for a carbon road bike? Most secure etc?
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    Hi shane r

    Started a similar thread some months back - link below

    http://www.bikeradar.com/forum/viewtopi ... highlight=

    If you read through the posts you will see that there is a bit of a debate about the best carrier to use if your carbon bike has front forks that have carbon drop-outs. It appears that Thule are wary of recommending the skewer mounting carrier for these bikes (Type 561 I believe). Could be something to do with the lateral forces on the drop-outs if the bike is buffeted by side winds at speed. Their view is that for those bikes with carbon drop-outs the 591 is what they advise. Thule demo video below


    To contradict that though there were some posters who had used the 561 with high end carbon frames with no apparent problems.

    It might be worth a contact to Thule just to clarify the current position.
  • shane r
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    Thanks for this arlowood
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    You do not want the version which clamps around the down tube if you have a carbon frame. It's very easy to apply too much pressure and crush the tube. The version that has a QR for the front forks is the way to go. Carbon is very strong, I do not believe side wind would cause any damage but do your own research :wink: