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Hi gents,
I have just bought a pair of Oakley Radar Paths from ebay and have just had a ride with them. They have the blue iridium lenses and I have noticed that the top portion of the lens is lighter to look through than the bottom 2/3rd .They are still yellow but not as deep a tint as the bottom section.The lens tint on the outside is all the same its just when looking through them. Is this normal or have I been sold a faulty/fake pair ?

Many thanks for any info



  • greasedscotsman
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    I wouldn't say that a blue iridium lens is yellow to look through?
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    I used to have a blue iridium lens and don't remember it appearing yello when looking through it. I'd also say that the lens tint has been consistent across each of the many lenses I've owned over the year. You may have been sold a dud. I noticed a load of Oakley Jawbone lenses on Ebay recently for £15 and it was only at the very bottom of the lengthy description, and in very small print, that they were not genuine Oakley items.
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    I would raise a dispute with the seller if you're not sure they are real? I just sold this exact pair on eBay but they were 100% genuine. I hope you weren't my buyer but if so let me know and I will provide proof of purchase from eyewear outlet!
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  • sungod
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    does the lens look like the picture on the oakley site, the iridium coating is fairly distinctive

    http://uk.oakley.com/products/4848/17593 in the matrix of lenses, click the one on row 2, coumn 2, from top left

    blue iridium is not neutral tint, but slightly brown/yellow, see the effect here...

    http://uk.oakley.com/innovation/optical ... lens-tints

    it shouldn't have a gradient, so if the upper part of the lens is transmitting more light than the lower part there's something fishy

    another quick check is if the lens is easily marked by fingerprints, the real lenses have a coating that resists marks/smears
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  • cougie
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    And aquaphobic lenses too on the radars ?

    I think these are fakes.
  • akbond1973
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    I have noticed there is a VR28 Blue Iridium on the Oakley website which has a more pronounced
    yellow tint. Water forms into droplets and roll off the lens and fingerprints are harder to get to show on the lens so I am guessing they have the special coating on. Thanks for all your advise guys.