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I have been quoted £550 for Sram Rival with S950 chainset and the same for Campag Centaur with carbon shifters but standard chainset. I have tried and like both but have heard that Sram has durability issues and it is hard & expensive to get Campag spares.

They are to replace Tiagra on my Caad9 so I have the choice of leaving the BB30 to standard thread adapter in and fitting standard bottom bracket or removing the adapter and going full BB30 Sram or using the Campag UT BB30 cups. One lbs says leave it as is and the other says use the frame as it was intended and remove the adapter.

What to do????

Either way I'm left with about £200 for wheels - not much I know, any recommendations?


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    papajimbo wrote:
    and it is hard & expensive to get Campag spares

    Whoever told you that needs a slap. It was prob a Shimano user ;-)

    Go Campag!
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    I paid £500 for full Athena 11 speed carbon groupset :wink: Not exactly dear.
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    You can get Centaur with carbon shifters for £395 on Ribble using this weeks extra 10% off Campag code.
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    And Shiny Bikes always sell groups at a great price too.
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    Yes, I've been leaning towards Centaur - would it be best to remove the Cannondale BB30 to standard thread bottom bracket adapter that came with the bike and use campag bb30 cups or just leave the adapter in and get a standard bottom bracket.
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    Never heard anything about SRAM having durability issues. I'm sure if it were true their groupsets wouldn't be so popular or be being used on the various tours.
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    Wha? SRAM? Durability issues? I've had Red since 2008 and never had an issue yet. It's my fave of the three too (I've had ultegra/dura ace and chorus/record too. Campagnolo was my least likey.)

    Go with the one that you find has the most comfortable hoods for you. They are all good. I didn't get on with the campagnolo thumb shifters.

    As for groupsets, Merlin are really good. Register (which is free) and you get 10% of all listed prices. SRAM rival is less than 450 quid...
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    @ papajimbo - sorry mate, can't help you with advice on the BB thing.
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    You don't have to look too hard to find horror stories about any of the manufacturers.
    Go with the one you like the most - in your experience.

    As for the BB, this may need to be changed.
    But will depend upon the crank you want to fit.
    The BB needs to match the crank.
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    OK, so I think this is it.

    The CAAD9 frame is BB30 so it would be a shame not use it (taking Campag out of the equation), however decent wheels are also important so the budget needs to be kept in check.

    Get Rival (standard BB and chainset) - £430 and Ksyrium Equipes - £230, now. Next year have the BB adapter removed and fit the Force BB30 chainset.

    Then, because I do like Campag, eventually sell my Tricross buy an Italian steel frame and build it up with Campag.