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Hi there,

I'm quite new to road biking and am dreading punctures.

Is there a particular tube that you'd recommend? And is there a best place to get them from?

In case its of relevance I bought a bianchi nirone.

Thank you for your help.



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    Not really I dont find much difference between a 11 quid one and a 4 quiud one. We all dread punctures but when not if you get one its not the end of the world whell off change it then repair the old one when home. If your new i would change one at home in the comfort of the lounge then when you get it on the road you wont get stressed about it. I used to think here we go again but now got it down to a 5 mins leg rest then carry on. practice makes perfect. i find it much chepaer to buy a box of ten from Chain reaction then work your way through them tyres make more difference although my gatorskins meant to be tough got endless punctures im currently running supersonic tyres so light and thin you would think they will puncture all the time so far doen 1000 miles this month and 800 last month no punctures. I got 8 in my first month then nothing for 5 months so ride out of the crap asnd change one in your lounge before is what i would recomend its really no big deal and if you dont know where to start theres some handy videos on you tube to watch first for tips.
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    As long as you're not looking at lightweight tubes you're not going to see much difference in terms of puncture resistance.

    Different tyres offer different levels of puncture protection, but usually at a cost. The acknowledged king of this field would be the Schwalbe Marathon Plus, but apparently they are a bastard to fit and are not especially supple or light.

    I run Continental GP4000S and they're pretty good in the puncture protection department, considering how good their other characteristics are.

    Most of us carry a couple of spare tubes with us when we ride, so we can easily and quickly carry out a change by the road if we get a puncture. Obviously you'll also need to carry a pump and tyre levers with you. Some people will then throw the old tube away, but I prefer to repair them when I get home; it only takes 10 minutes to repair a tube.
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    Decent tyres are the main thing.

    Conti+Schwalbe make decent tubes.
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    also check your tyres when you clean your bike & remove debris from them , prevention is as good as cure :P
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    Agree with above posters.

    Inner tubes won't make much difference, but a good set of tyres will.

    I also hate punctures, ran continental ultra gatorskins for years. Had 2 punctures in the lifetime of the tires (I mean the tyres were flat rather than round) - probably about 4000miles.
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    Thank you so much for all of the valuable replies.
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    cadseen wrote:
    Forget tubes, you need Armadillos if you dread puncturing

    Have to agree with the armadillos actually. Awesome puncture resistance, but not the best at rolling!
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    carry a spare tube, a repair kit and tyre levers, one day you'll need them

    avoid the self-adhesive patches, get one of these... ... epair-kit/
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