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I admit I may be missing something, but I have new 700c wheels and bought 700c tyres ie these: ... LUK&cc=GBP

And these tyres: ... ONTTYRR400

In blue 700 x 23

I cant for the life of me get them to fit. Ribble folded them up in the box and they are a bit miss-shappen, however I have had them lying flat for about 1 month now. But they just doing go over the rim. I was going to try soapy water bit im talking about an inch away.

Any pointing out the obvious would be good please :-)
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  • Zachariah
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    You definitely got the 700 version? Does it say so on the tyre? Ribble could have sent the 650 by mistake.

    If you've got the 700 tyres for certain, it's time to get more physical with the tyre levers (and maybe a few more of them).
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    Yeah deffo the 700c. If im honest I never used any tyre levers, I will give it a bash again later on as I didnt want to damage them putting them on. Nothing is ever simples LOL!
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    MTB - Giant 2008 Trance X2
    Road - Giant 2010 Defy 2
    Hybrid - Giant Escape 2011 City 2
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    use plastic levers and you won't ding the rims
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    Technique - try Youtube for videos.
    Make sure you have a thin, flexible rim tape
    Talc the inside of the tyre to slip easier over the rim
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    Some combos are a nightmare, but it does get easier.
    I use Park Tools blue tyre levers, strong and wide, i find the wider ones are less likely to pinch the tyres.
    As one of the youtube vids says, get the bead of the tyre already on the wheel right down into the rim. A little washing up liquid or a smear of oil onto the rim will help the last bit of bead over the rim.
    Another trick, instead of levering the bead on with the levers at 90 degrees to the rim, use the levers at an angle and 'slide' the bead on.
    Strong hands, good grip and some lube.
    Once the tyres have been on and off a couple of times, they sometimes go on without even levers (i found that with Fulcrums/Gators, an impossibly tight fit at first)
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    if these are the tyres you have and they were folded, the steel bead could be kinked and this would make it almost impossible to get them on.
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    They folded a tyre with a wire bead?? You mean the figure of 8 thing so they end up smaller, double, but still circular?

    Must be 700s if they are the blue ones; 650s are black only.

    Warm them up on a radiator for a bit (or leave out in the sun!) then try fitting them on the rims with no inner tubes. You can then use levers and violence with no fear of pinching anything. This should stretch the bead a little bit and make the next attempt with a tube a little easier.

    If they don't go on without tubes there's no hope of fitting them with.
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    I always thought you should be able to get tyres on by just using your thumbs untill I tried to fit some Conti GP4000 to a campag nuetron wheel I gave up after half an hour and used some levers. just ordered a crank brothers lever which looks good.
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    My Rubino's were utter sods to get on, exposed tyre was about 12", need thumbs of steel to put them on. Hopefully stretched a bit so should be easier next time. Not looking forward to it.
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    This video will sort you out! Not just for the tyres he's using.
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    I know some tyres are a complete b!tch to fit, but for the love of god, buy a Crank Brothers Speed Lever. Only £5 and will save you no end of time and frustration!
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    +1 for the talc method. Also makes your tyres smell nice too :D
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    Strong hands, good grip and some lube
    Now, which forum was I on again....? :lol: