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Mixing Shimano and SRAM

simmo_wilkosimmo_wilko Posts: 34
edited June 2011 in MTB buying advice
Hi everyone, I'm looking to do some upgraded to my Felt RXC Elite - even though some might say it would be easier to just buy a new bike.

I have a question about mixing Shimano and SRAM kit. I have been looking to maybe do something like this - mainly because i'm running 9 speed and I'm struggling to find a good 9 speed front derailleur as all the SRAM ones are 10 :( ... so anyway here goes...

SRAM X0 Trigger Shifter 9sp - Redwin Red.
Shimano XTR Front Derailleur - 9 speed.
SRAM X0 Rear Derailleur 9sp (maybe Redwin)

I already have a new SRAM PG990 cassette installed on my DT Swiss wheelset and a fairly new Shimano XTR Chainset.

I have read in some forums and discussions on the internet that Shimano and SRAM don't work well together, but then others that say they work better than fine. Can anyone comment or recommend a SRAM Front Derailleur that is 9 speed that would go with the X0 kit?

Thanks in advance.

2007 Felt RXC Elite - looking for mods.


  • jimexboxjimexbox Posts: 200
    I have a xt front mech and the rest is sram X9, works fine.
  • warpcowwarpcow Posts: 1,448
    Front mechs. and shifters are the only things that are interchangable. The rear shifter and mech. are the ones that must match.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    all covered in the FAQs

    re Sram and shimano and 9 and 10 spd compatibility.
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  • simmo_wilkosimmo_wilko Posts: 34
    So are you saying that I could have a 10 sp front mech with only 9 speed on the rear? Or could I fit a 10 speed cassette to the bike? Would that work? How can I tell if one would fit??
    2007 Felt RXC Elite - looking for mods.
  • I had this response from the Wiggle techies about the upgrades:

    "Fitting a 10 speed system to your bike requires no modifications to your frame width or wheels freehub, You can get away with using a 9 speed system on the rear and the 10 speed on the front, please note that due to the 10 speed front derailleur having a narrower cage you will experience chain rub."

    However I have decided to stay with 9 speed and I have ordered the following:

    - SRAM X0 Rear Derailleur 9sp
    - SRAM X0 Trigger Shifter 9sp Carbon
    - SRAM X9 Front Derailleur Top Swing 9sp - 31.8 Top Pull - not exactly the front mech i wanted, but the best 9sp mech I could find that would fit my bike.
    - SRAM PC991 Cross Step Chain 9sp
    - Avid Matchmaker - to go with the Avid Juicy 7's i have installed already.
    - SRAM Powerlink Connector - 3 pack, Gold (9sp)

    Small fortune, but I'm sure it'll be worth it's weight in gold once fitted. :D Can't wait to get it fitted and go out for my first ride - hopefully on Sunday it if all comes before the weekend. :S

    Thanks for all you helpful words. :)

    Next stage of the upgrade process will be...

    Seat & post.
    Stem & Bars (and bar ends)

    Then I'll probably have to start again... lol - or just buy a new bike! :D
    2007 Felt RXC Elite - looking for mods.
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