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Best shop with helmet selection in South East?

Mark BomMark Bom Posts: 184
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I'm going to buy a new helmet, but not sure what make I'm after and also need to try a few on to get the best size.

Anyone recommend a shop that sells a good selection of helmets that I can try, preferably around the West London, Berkshire/Surrey/Bucks area?


  • cryoconcryocon Posts: 46
    I've yet to find one with a decent selection in Central London. I guess they take up so much space that they can only stock a broad cross section. I'd assume that a manufacturers sizing would be the same through out their range, so once you have the right size you can buy the one you want online.
  • rude-dogrude-dog Posts: 67
    a trip to london bridge and waterloo's a safe bet, evans has two big stores at waterloo, one just outside the station and one round the corner on the cut,. then a simple 2 min, one stop ride on the train (or ten min walk) will run you down to london bridge where theres 'on ya bike' and another big evans store. a jump on the train the other way from waterloo (one stop to charing cross) and you got 'action bikes' under the station on embankment

    the only other good concentration of bikes shops i know of in the south area i get about in, is balham/clapham. on the main road that runs up along the tubes theres a good few shops along there, mostly small ones, but worth a google and phone call as you could hit 4 or 5 shops in an hour or two with ease

    i recently bought a new giro, i couldn't get the one i was after so i sized it up in a shop and went the ebay route, not exactly supporting the high street retailer, but if they aint got what i want....

    good luck
  • rude-dogrude-dog Posts: 67
    adding to that, my mate tells me kingston upon thames is worth a trip, although i've not been there bike shopping, he tells me theres a really good selection of bike shops over there - worth a google?
  • TMRTMR Posts: 3,986

    I bought my Kask K10 from Condor Cycles on Gray's Inn Road near Chancery Lane. They had a number of decent helmets to try.

  • Mark BomMark Bom Posts: 184
    Cheers for the comments folks. I might take a trip over to Kingston, I've heard good things about the bike shops there.

    I'll probably have to do a bit of running around visiting different shops to try on a few helmets as there doesn't seem to be anywhere stocking a huge selection.
  • northpolenorthpole Posts: 1,499
    Condor in central London provides a good selection and a great guy who won't sell you a helmet unless he's sure it's the right fit. That's where I would go.

    Sigma Sport in Kingston is also highly recommended.

    There is a large Cycle Surgery store down near Liverpool Street station if you happen to pass by that area - exact location can be found on their web site. NB there are two branches in fairly close proximity, one with greater selection than the other.

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