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Transferring wheels

Spender45Spender45 Posts: 78
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Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a fair collection of wheels for my TT bike and road bikes. They are all 10 speed shimano and the regularly get transferred between bikes.

Eg my powertap wheel gets transferred between my road bike and my TT bike as do my Zipp 404s. My Mavics get swapped between my summer bike and winter bike. I also have a disc wheel which is used very infrequently for TTs. There is also a pair of old winter wheels.

My issue is that all the cassettes on the wheels are at different stages of wear and therefore chains get worn quite quickly. I’ve just invested in new cassettes for the wheels and three new chains for the bikes.

My question is – does anyone keep their chains with specific cassettes. i.e. every time they change a wheel they change cassettes? Or do you just change wheels and hope that the cassettes wear about the same rate?

It’s all going to get more complicated next year when my son gets his new road bike with 10 speed and wants to borrow my wheels.
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