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Santa Cruz Superlite

boulderballsboulderballs Posts: 4
edited May 2011 in MTB buying advice
I looking at frame only superlight + RP23. I have only ridden FS bikes EX9 and a stumpy(some time on an inbred). I dont get on well with HT,s. I dont have required skill and after an hour or two my legs and back are shot.

I just rewrote this as it was a silly question. Is a SL basically a HT which is a completely stupid question!?! My main worry is that single pivot bike will be too unforgiving like a HT and give a harsh and jarring ride over rocks roots etc. I,m used to "multi-link" susp and I read that this is a smoother affair! Can anybody compare their experience of the two?

My main reasons for going for it. The price and I need a larger frame that i,m on now. It doesnt look half bad either.
I have a 130 DT fork which I will run on it. I know it voids the warranty but so does changing the seatpost on other bikes :lol:

Any advice appreciated.

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