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Old Fox or new Rockshox?!

gleesonandrewgleesonandrew Posts: 19
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Hello, this is my first time on a forum...
and here's what brought me here:

I have recently purchased a new frame (on-one Lynskey 456Ti) on e-bay, and looking for a fork to go with it. I'm currently riding a 456 Summer Season with a Suntour epicon dialed to 130mm travel which works fine for me as the head angle is plenty slack as is.

With the Ti frame, the HA will be steeper which is my main reason for wanting a longer travel fork, to slacken it out a bit again. Other reasons are obviously to get a better fork which'll be more beefed up and in better nick than my old leaking, beaten up Suntour (the frame deserves better!-).

So, options:
I can pick up a Rockshox Sektor 150mm travel for around £340 new. The advantages here are obviously that it is a new fork, pretty light and not too shabby with 32mm stantions too. I would probably go for the Solo Air as not bothered to adjust travel on the move, with 15mm bolt through (means I can use my current wheel too).

Otherwise, on e-bay at the mo (ending 2moro!.. don't go buy it please!-) is a Fox 36 Van R with 160mm travel. This is obviously an even beefier fork, although 2nd hand and looks like must be 08/09' model. Not too sure on the weight differences, although I can only imagine it'll be quite a bit heavier with being much beefier. Might be more what I need though as I am 6'4 and weight just over 100kg. Has the technology, say for the Sektor, come a lot further though and is an old workhorse (which I imagine it'll be) be worth considering?...

As for prices, I imagine I'll be looking to bid up to the similar amount of what I'd pay for the Sektor. Would mean I'd need a new front hub for the 20mm axle too, so that's around £50 extra for a half descent one and a re-build (will be my first one!-)

Travel wise, I've read too that from axle to crown Rockshox is about 10mm longer than Fox anyways, so I imagine they'll give me a similar HA wither way.

Thanks for reading and any input will be much appreciated...



  • trouty65trouty65 Posts: 65
    Hi Andrew,

    ive just been in a similar position and i have just upgraded to a set of rockshox revelation Team BB 150's.
    A fantastic fork and if you shop around unbeatable value. Got mine for £425. I went for a 20mm through axle but i have seen plenty on the web with standard qr or 15mm axles.

    Worth a look a great trail fork :wink:


  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514
    For another £100 would rather have these ... 2a0d6cb7b2

    These are retailing a £650 in the UK and with 200 hours service intervals they are fit and forget....I have a pair on my Tomac...and after running Fox these are way way better#

    another alternative is the Magura Thor bang on budget and another great fork ... 43a6653df9
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  • Hi Paul

    Thanks for the reply...
    Hmmmmm, quite convenient that the 15mm axle Revelation is actually £50 cheaper than the 20mm at the moment at CRC @£449! This does mean about £100 more than I was intending to spend, although it seem to cover all the bases especially with the "dual flow" (and dual air) system which supposedly gets rid of the potential (although probably quite unlikely) lockout in the rock gardens of the regular Solo air.

    So, this seems like it'll knock both the other forks out the water (and over the rocks!-) and I can't say I've ever seen revelations at this price, which is why they were out of the equation.

    Now, I do still have to consider my current options too and still can't help to wonder that if I can get the fox for anything around £300-£350, would it still be worth it?..

    If it boiled down to the Rockshox, I'd probably try and "fork out" :wink: for the Revelations, so thanks for the input!..

  • warpcowwarpcow Posts: 1,448
    Personally, I'd always choose new forks over old Fox. Especially if I could actually afford a decent new fork anyway.
  • joshtpjoshtp Posts: 4,329
    Wouldnt have a new fox, never mind an old one...

    The Sektor is a great fork.... but that DT is fantastic value if you can stretch the budget.

    The King of them all however (imho) is the Thor.... I have one and absolutely love it... incredible fork. Buy it NOW!
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  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    I would budget a service into the price of the Fox. It might turn up and be pristine, but it could also be a bit of a wreck.

    Might be a bit late, but maybe ask the seller for photos of the stanchions and seals? Should give you some idea of the wear.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    New Rockshox for me. The Revs start from £300 at Merlin.
  • Thanks everyone for the replies!...

    I wasn't sure if I'd hear anything back by the end of today even, but it has only been a few hours with mucho good input!

    At this point I'm leaning towards what I just saw at Merlin cycles, which is a Sektor Solo air (15mm bolt through) for £325. Couldn't see any Revs around that price (at least not with descent travel and bolt through axle)

    As for the other options such as the DT and Thor, I don't feel like I know enough about them and with buying them from abroad, would not be sure on the amount of support available if I had any problems.

    Then, the old Fox... Guess a nice little new Sektor is the more practical option. Never really thought much about the servicing side of the older fork, and at least with something new (and local) I'll know what I'm getting.

    Seems quite clear where I'm heading, and wouldn't have gotten here so fast without all you awesome folkers!-)

    Still open to suggestions, so hit me with them if you got any!...

  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533 ... ON-RLT.htm

    +10% discount on top of that price.

    On-One were offering good discount on rev's as well.
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