sew up tire slippage

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I have been using sew ups for about 20 years using Continental adhesive with no adhesive problems.

During this time I had been using Continental Sprinters. Several years back, after numerous flats with the Sprinters I switched to Tufo and liked the Special 25's ride.

Last year, after mounting a new one, I noticed that after several hundred miles the tire stem was at a odd angle. Removed and ree glued several times and gave up on this as maybe a faulty tire. This year cleaned the rim and mounted another Tufo 25 and had the same thing happen. Continentals on sister rim has not had any problems.

Oh the rim is a Campy 36 spoke aluminum.

Could this be a recent Tufo problem or maybe Continental has changed the formulation??
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    Welcome aboad with your first post.

    As a recent convert to Tufo tubs, I've only ever mounted them with Tufo rim tape, and in my limited experience never had a problem with the tub shifting around the rim. Maybe worth giving the rim tape a go?
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    Hey CR

    First question- was the slippage in the direction you would expect it to be- ie if, when braking the tyre had slipped around the rim, the valve head would be pointing to a point in front of the hub?

    Second question- what's the weather like in NE? Do you ride when its very warm?

    Third- have many layers of glue built up over the years?

    Lastly, like Term1te, I now use Tufo extreme tape and have had a lot of success with it- I don't race crits, but round Christchurch NZ there are alot of 20min, 13%+ curvy hills and they don't bat an eyelid. Plus if you flat you can wrestle your tyres off.
  • The slippage is from braking and the weather here has been very changeable. Currently it is 85F, but a couple of weeks ago we seemed to be stuck in the 50's with rain and clouds.

    I had thought of excess buildup of adhesive, so this year I cleaned the rim well before installing a new 25 special.

    I have looked at the Tufo tape several; times, but its main advantage seems to be that you can ride once the tire is inflated. Given that this has never been a problem and the tape is pricy, I have stuck with my old method of carrying a used tire with leftover adhesive on it. In case of a flat, I rip of the old tire, mount the used on and inflate. Then ride with the brakes on for a spell to activate the old glue and finish my ride by ridding carefully.

    What do you do in case of a flat?
    The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons. "Ralph Waldo Emerson"
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    I carry a cheap tub- giro normally in my back pocket, the tape has enough stick to hold the replacement tyre very well. At 100 psi I can't pull the tyre off after a couple of mins riding.

    Back home in the SE UK where hills were few and far between, I used to ride happily on this 'second stick' but here where things are a little faster and steeper I change the tape at the earliest opportunity.