Swap wheels from road bike to hybrid??

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Ok, I have a Ridgeback hybrid which is my commuter and a Trek road bike which is my weekend ride. The rims on the Ridgeback are worn very thin after 5 years use, rather than buy new rims for this bike I was going to put the stock Bontrager wheels that came on my Trek onto the Ridgeback and buy some nicer wheels for my weekend ride. The front is no problem but on the rear the drop out seems slightly wider, not much maybe 5mm, is this possible, I thought they would be the same?


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    I don't know any details about your hybrid but road bikes rear hubs are 130mm and MTB hubs are 135mm (track bikes and some single speed bikes have 120mm spacing)

    So a difference of 5mm is quite possible. Suggests that the hybrid is built to use MTB hubs albeit on a 700c rim.

    Probably not best to squeeze the frame in to fit the wheel. But speak to your LBS. They might be able to do something with the hub - new axle & spacersmaybe? - to take up the 5mm gap.
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    Thanks, I've just come to the same conclusion after checking on Sheldon Brown's site, 7,8 and 9 speed MTBs are normally 135mm between drop outs, 9 speed road, which is what my Trek is, are normally 130mm. Will check out the cost of putting a new axle on the hub, not sure the cost would be worth it though as I can probably get a cheaper new wheel for less than £50 as it's only my station bike and general hack.
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    Why worry, when you do up the QR the 5mm gap will be gone :?
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