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Niggling campag problem

Pennine DazPennine Daz Posts: 34
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Any experienced campagnolo guys, just need an opinion.
Ran campag for 25 years and i have hit a new problem.

Noticed that i started to drop my chain odd times. When going from 39 to the 53.

Front mech is adjusted perfect , done that loads of times over the years. Tried a couple of different chains and cassetes so ruled them out for wear. Didnt think it was chain anyway as i check that for wear regulary.

Its the usual , slight bit of added pressure when going to the 53 it throws the chain back down the over the 39 and onto the top of the bottom bracket.

Just wondered if either chainrings are worn, but tonight i noticed that everytime i tighten the cable to the front mech it loosens again, fitted a new campag cable tonight and its done it again.
The ergo lever is a chorus one.

Anyone had problems with the lever slipping allowing the cable to go slack.

Just dont want to buy new chainrings if i dont need to.

So is it the chainrings or the lever.
Never ever had a problem with chorus before. Incidentally the old type veloce levers were bloody bombproof.
Feedback appreciated


  • pete.whelanpete.whelan Posts: 788
    It could be the 'G-spring' in the lever that is worn. A new pair don't cost much (£1 or so) and there are plenty of instructional videos on how to do it on the Campag website and YouTube
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  • campagonecampagone Posts: 270
    Or possibly the 'G-spring carrier' has split, I had that once with a Centaur right hand shifter. It's a ring made of alloy and just opens up under pressue, not that big a job to replace, the hardest bit is to get the coil spring bushing back on.
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  • Pennine DazPennine Daz Posts: 34
    Stripped the bar tape off , click it into the 39 and smallest rear sprocket , take up the play and then start shifting. As soon as you flick onto the 53 and back again to the 39 the cable is loose again. Its like the lever isnt holding.

    Mind they must be ready ive had 4 years of high mileage out of them.

    Im replacing this groupset soon anyway, putting the chorus on my winter bike. Just wondering if the new 11 speed levers are as good a quality as the older campag ones.

    I heard someone say there not so good. The centaur ones look okay but i think i will stick with chorus.
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