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Computer sensor mounting ties.

Ricey77Ricey77 Posts: 92
edited May 2011 in Workshop
I was thinking that the ties that hold my computer sensor to the forks pretty much ruin the graphics, and was contemplating painting them so they match the graphics.
Has my OCD really gone too far? :)


  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    You can always use coloured cable ties. Painting, though - definitely too much OCD!
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  • topdudetopdude Posts: 1,557
    You need something more to worry about :wink:
    Can you see it while riding ?
    Can anyone else see it as you whizz past ?
    He is not the messiah, he is a very naughty boy !!
  • plowmarplowmar Posts: 1,032
    Perhaps not but he can see it as he sits five feet away drooling with slava coming from the side of his mouth and a napkin round his neck whilst lavishing praise on the love of his life.

    And sometimes it's just that he knows it doesn't match.
  • TwostageTwostage Posts: 987
    When I resprayed my MTB I got some red cable ties to match. To me it made a big difference not having highly visible black cable ties, looks so much neater. Doubt if anyone else would notice though. I compromised on my road bike which I painted stripey and just used white cable ties.

    I say you should have your bike as you want it.

    (I sprayed the bottle cages on the mtb red also - "Nurse...")
  • Ricey77Ricey77 Posts: 92
    Shot down in flames !!!!
  • fludeyfludey Posts: 384
    Must say on the rear chain stay where my cad/speed sensors sits for Garmin I have used one silver cable tie and one black tie to match the graphics on my AR4!!

    Hmmm painting...never thought of that or can I get some carbon effect ties?? :?
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  • stigofthedumpstigofthedump Posts: 331
    You can never be too OCD with your bike.
    Paint away.
  • Ricey77Ricey77 Posts: 92
    You can never be too OCD with your bike.
    Paint away.

    My sentiments exactly !! :lol::lol:
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