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Pimlico Plumbers

aribaariba Posts: 48
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Whoever gets the registrations for these guys is very imaginative.

i've seen eight-oh-gee a few times (think he may be based in SE london)

ell one eight ee en dee passed me the other day. I got the 8END, but the L 1 had me stumped until he was a bit further ahead - merged to make a "U"

Does anyone get amusement from these?

Their driving seems fine, but their regs are a doddle to remember!

Battaglin C13 (white)
Cube Analog (green/white)
Decathlon 7.3 (yellow)
Pinnacle Arkose 3 (grey)
Looking for bike n+1


  • greg66_tri_v2.0greg66_tri_v2.0 Posts: 7,172
    They have a lot of very good ones, but the only buyer will be another very rich plumbing company. Weirdly, the one I have noticed the most is a boggo standard plate with is one away from mine.
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