Pro-Lite Gavia 50mm any good???

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Ive just checked Ribble out and see they have a 40% discount of pro lite gear and I looked at the wheels and noticed the Gavia's and they will only cost 455, not knowing anything about these wheels i would welcome any thoughts or reviews of them or any other wheel that will be better for the same price.

Link to wheels ... R375&bike=



  • kingrollo
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    At almost 2200g these are staggeringly heavy. I can't think I have seen a heavier wheel listed. - Avoid.

    Check out the chinese carbon wheels thread (£350 approx)

    or if you want the alu braking surface Mavic Cosmic carbone is the way to go.....£750 ish

    I did see the shimano RS80 - 50MM carbon clincher on ribble for £600 - dunno if they have any left.
  • c0ugars
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    Thanks for the advice i might have a look at the chinese wheels.