Do rotor and mounting bolts come with Brake Sets?

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Hi there...sorry if this sounds a bit wet to some! :) I am building my first MTB on an Inbred frame. I managed to source some Formula Oro K18 brakes from CRC for a really good price. These turned up today, but seem to be sans any caliper mounting bolts or rotor bolts.

I guess that perhaps this is how it rolls with higher end equipment...with many people preferring to source their own. I see they aren't much to buy separate, but as they were CRC (not manufacturer) boxed, I just wanted to check that I haven't been duped out of any fitting kit etc. There were no instructions/documentation either which struck me as slightly odd.

All advice greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.


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    Lots of CRC stuff is OEM so no boxes etc, which is why it's cheap. Rotor bolts are sold seperately, don't know about caliper bolts.
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    a proper set of Formula brakes come with all bolts and 2 kits of parts to allow you to shorten the hoses if needed.
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    Thanks all. I will drop them a line and see what they say.
  • FunBus
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    Quad brakes also come with everything; bled system, rotor, bolts, bracket and shortening kit.

    I think this is the norm for most brands apart from Shimano who sell the caliper/lever together, but everyhting else seperate...
  • getonyourbike
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    I got exactly the same brakes from CRC but I got everything I needed to fit them, well except for tools. I got the rotors, levers and calipers, adaptors (I didn't use the front one as i've got a PM fork), adaptor bolts, caliper mounting bolts and rotor bolts. I didn't get any instructions but who really needs them?
  • paulbox
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    I bought an XT rotor from CRC last month and that came with the six bolts required to fit it.
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