Bank Holiday weekend drivers

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Blimey, did I attract all the crappy drivers on the roads today, or has everyone gone loopy? Close passes, overtaking on blind bends, pulling out from side junctions, not seeing me coming the other way until the last minute on narrow roads, and so on. Normally I'm impressed with the considerateness of most drivers, but it felt like a 50% fail today. 50 miles of dodge-the-gits.

Is it just the Friday-before-the-Bank-Holiday-weekend wots done it?


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    dunno... I was contemplating a quick 15 miler after work tonight, but won't be free until at least 1830hrs and I just dont like riding in the evening (dont know why - too much traffic, I suppose).

    Am considering Bury to Blackpool on Sunday morning, but it looks like rain and it's mostly A-roads, so I'm not sure if I will bother given that it's a BH weekend for the reasons you mention?!
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    cadseen wrote:
    Isnt that a normal day :D
    Not round here!!
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    I tend to avoid riding out on a Friday

    The get home mentality is too strong and half the people aren't concentrating

    Giving it Large
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    Rich Hcp wrote:
    I tend to avoid riding out on a Friday

    The get home mentality is too strong and half the people aren't concentrating
    Well, on today's showing, I'll be lessening MY chances of getting home on a Friday if I go out then.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the ones that DID see me in the narrow lanes and didn't slow down. (Though they did generously leave me about 2ft to cycle through.)
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    Yeah down your way brian the caravan club and over-laden nutcase weekend break drivers are out. They are not used to the narrow roads and too busy gassing or following a sat-nav to notice the cyclist requires more room - did you not know?

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    I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that any more. Most drivers here are really considerate (and you can be sure when something does cut you up, it's got a yellow plate on the back).

    When I lived in Cornwall, I got my revenge by becoming a bus driver :lol:
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    Hey ive got a caravan we re not all barstools , although as i tow a caravan, drive a 4 wheel drive and ride a bike im pretty used to scorn derision hate etc being thrown my way whilst out on the road and so tend to be a bit more courteous to others . I think all drivers should be made to ride a bike for a week it would make those drivers who dont ride a lot more courteous.
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    nipped through a traffic queue tonight, its not just cyclists that are getting knocked off, saw a kid on a scooter almost floored when a van cut right into his lane. needless to say i stopped cutting through and waited. it isnt even a bank holiday up here :S
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    Yup,it sure is noticeable at such times,just gotta watch out.