Garmin maps - clueless

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Got an 800

read all the threads about navigator maps, os maps, free maps, detailed maps, blah blah.

Can't really figure it out.

Pretty much any map is available (to buy, or to find!).

So what is best for ROAD use?

The free ones on talkytoaster? The navigator ones that come with the bundle, or something else? I've got both the free talkytoaster ones on my pc, and the Garmin Europe Navigator map, but not sure which to upload?

This is just for road riding, nothinng off road. Must be clear to you all that have tried them... To me the names are confusing!


  • flasher
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    Garmin city navigator, if you have it.
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    I have tried loads of maps. Mostly because road and Mtb routes and I wont pay hundreds of pounds for data that is freely available if you go OS hunting.

    By the way keep your maps on a large size microSD and back them up in a folder on your PC. Corruption does occur occasionally, and its a joy killer.

    My 800 came with the City Navigator Europe which is very good, more than adequate for most rides around Britain. Haven't been to Europe yet with it.

    But I did find a site called Velomap which did do loads of better than adequate maps around the world at OS standard for Basecamp and onboard your 800.

    Link as follows.

    Its a bit fiddly to get it all up and running but read the instructions on the site how to access all the maps and info on how to get them installed on your pc.

    Note; not sure if you realize you can overlay maps on top of each other on the 800. Ie you can have a contour OS on top of an MTB off road and include City Navigator. With all of them overlaying each other it gets busy on screen but you can choose what suits you in different situations.

    Hope this is of some use :!:
  • Scrumple
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    Think I'll just be uploading the city navigator europe ones... the same ones that come with the navigator bundle!

    Found a source for them....
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    please could you direct me to some instructions for multiple overlays as I thought you could have just one .img file?
    I would like to find a copy of the national cycle network to overlay over the os map