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I'm new to the forum and have been searching for a new road bike to get me started.

After trawling the internet I came arcoss a website stocking the bike I wanted at half the uk price based in Singapore.

After speaking with them I was told this bike could be shipped internationally once payment was received and they would provide a dhl tracking number and provide a lower total value to bring down import customs fee's.

I thought this sounded too good to be true and I'd do a bit of research about the company and all seemed well, however I found a post on an Asian forum advising the above website is fraudulent and implies its the online site for a store within Singapore.

This is infact not the case and the above website is not linked what so ever and appears to be a way of scamming you out of your hard earned money with no items for sale.

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this but just wanted to make everyone aware to avoid anyone losing out with what appear to be really good deals.


  • warpcow
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    Just look at their terms and conditions. It's clearly just ripped from a UK site (I'm guessing Evans or Wiggle, because of some of the images) and refers to VAT being applicable to all shipments outside the EU when they claim to be in Asia.

    There are hundreds of similar websites offering 'too good to be true' prices and claiming it's just because stuff is cheaper in Asia (which it's not always). I saw a guy on another forum this morning asking advice on a website even worse than this. He saw absolutely no problem sending a company in China $2000 through Western Union until we suggested he might want to look again :shock:

    Interesting that they claim to be part of a real store though. Never seen that before.
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    Is it Chain Reaction Cycles?
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    LOL :lol:
  • hubcap
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    LOL :lol:
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    Yeah those sites are annoying when you're actually looking around for prices, usually a quick whois check on the DNS record going to somewhere in Asia is enough to red flag them (and the prices ofc, they really are too good to be true)
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    I blame Wiggle :wink: (Well, someone had to say it!)
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..