Which Continental Grand Prix to go for?

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My bike came with standard Grand Prix 700x24 tyres when I got it the other year (2nd hand). Now the tyres are looking a bit, well worn. I'd like to go with Continental again but not sure what to go for.

My current tyre has peformed well for me and I am happy with it. However there seems to be a weight advantage of 75g per tyre if I go for the 4000 or 4000S in 23 width (mine is currently the wire type). Will this make a big difference, or should I go with what I know? Thanks
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  • TMR
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    I use the 4000S - fantastic tyre IMHO. There are equally good options from other brands though. See what you can get the best deal on.
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    Conti half price at cycle surgery today
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    ive been looking at supersonics for on my race bike...does anyone have exp. with them?
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    Conti half price at cycle surgery today

    And they have sold out of GP and 4000 :(
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    i change my old tyres in jan 2011 to conti 4000s, the best tyres i have ever had, there are just brill, you will notice a difference in the roll resistance and cornering and in the wet well i did anyway, i even felt much more confident on the bike,
    buy them and i'm sure you will be happy with them, good luck
  • Bar Shaker
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    I'm also running GP4000S.

    Superb cornering grip and rolling resistance and they have a reinforced band to protect against punctures.

    I think it would be difficult to make a tyre feel any better.
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    GP4000S also last a long time, nearly twice what I got out of ultremo's :) During which I had ONE puncture and that was an impact puncture! Great tyres.
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    i have always used conti gp4000s tyres and they are great in all weather conditions and
    super fast and smooth rolling.
    touch wood i have only had one puncture in them don to over inflating the tyre i think.
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