New shimano 105 pedals, stiff float...

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I just replaced my old 105 pedals. The old ones allowed for quite alot of float, prob because they were worn.

Since I have changed to new 105 pedals, I have noticed the float is very sticky. I have loosend it all the way down, but still quite sticky.

The problem is, I may be being paranoid, but I am noticing a very very slight bit of pain on my right knee. Putting this down to the less ammount of float. Is there a way to loosen up the float a little?


  • gkerr4
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    I don't think so. A few years back I replaced a set of the old shape ones with the (then) new shape ones - found them really tight

    I changed to 'time' pedals for the same reason. Never looked back"
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    How can you loosen "float"

    Is float not depend on the cleats

    I thought only spring tension was adjustable

    Do you mean spring tension, ie how hard it is to clip in and out, or are you referring to lateral swing of the heels when clipped in ( typically between 4 and 8 degrees )
  • gkerr4
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    well yes, but the srping tension also affects how 'tight' the float is doesn't it - there is always 5deg of float, but if the spring tension is high then it feels like it takes more effort to move that 5deg - if you see what i mean.

    the pedals in question, i feel, are still quite 'tight' feeling even on the lowest setting for the spring tension.
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    If you have new pedals, I would think it would mean that the spring is new and probably have more tension than your old ones. I had tried a new pair of 105's about a year ago and the tension was far too high for me - I decided to use to Look, and their pedals, which can go down to 6nms, 8 nms or 9 nms (is that newtonmetres?) for tension are perfect - however, I found that 12nms and upward were unsuitable for me (usually dearer pedals for racing). I think Look Keo Classic and Keo 2 Max (non carbon) are 8nms and 9nms respectively (I currently use the latter). They also offer float with their cleats of 0, 4.5 and 9 degrees. Check their website for specifications, which I did, but I'm sure that there are other pedals which give low tension, but figures may not be quoted on other websites.
  • Mister W
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    The tension affects how hard it is to release the cleat from the pedal. It doesn't affect how easily your foot floats. That's down to how worn the cleats and pedals are and you said in your original post that your old pedals were quite worn. I'm afraid you'll have to put up with it until your cleats wear a bit.