Leyzene Microcaddy Small Saddle Bag

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http://www.probikekit.com/uk/luggage-tr ... small.html

Any good? Any other recommendations?

And would it fit an Adamo saddle?



  • nferrar
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    Seen them in a shop but not used one (use a larger size one on the MTB), to me they look like you can just about squeeze a tube and a lever or two in. Personally I carry a chain tool, spare links and a second spare tube to so way too small for me. They fit most saddles but can sit awkwardly depending on the rail design as basically it's just a couple of thick straps that go through them.
  • on-yer-bike
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    One tube, two levers and an air chuck. No more room for air cylinder. Very compact and holds firm without wobbling around or rubbing on your thighs. If too small go for the medium which will take 2 tubes. The big issue I have with them and other leyzene caddies I have had is that the back of the seat post clamp wears a hole in the top of them almost immediately. They need to be reinforced in this area; a stupid design oversite. I have stuck a felt furniture floor protector pad over the hole.
  • alistaird
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    I've a medium one and find it great....

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