Campag ergopower cable installation problem

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I'm just fitting some Centaur Ergopowers to the winter bike, and something has stumped me.

The right-hand went on fine. When it came to inserting the cable for the left-hand one, I clicked the thumb lever down to lowest point, like you're supposed to, but it seems that it won't quite go to the lowest click, and therefore won't allow the cable in. I've looked carefully with a torch inside, and you can see the hole which forms the cable housing, but it just needs to turn a few more degrees round, to route the cable towards its exit the other side.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Is the shifter just stuck, or knackered completely.

It's a 2009 Centaur Ergo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • fortyone
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    If not new, probably something worn inside - I had a 2008 Centaur right hand lever jump 2 sprockets down - there is a place who do Campagnolo repairs on the internet, but I ended up simply buying a new pair of Xenon levers with cables for £50.00, and have the new left one now as a spare.
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    Have a go here and see if they can help: -