Grip Tape for saddle.

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This photo of denis Menchov's Geox Fuji shows him using grip tape on his saddle. ... ira/174655

Does anyone know what type of Grip Tape this is? I'm guessing it's not skateboard Grip Tape as that would surely eat through shorts?


  • redvee
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    Velcro :lol:
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    Use less Chamois cream
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    Bloody hilarious it looks like a sanitary towel :lol:
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    I have seen this before.
    Just one thought - wont the grip tape wear out your shorts? This is probably OK if you are Denis Menchov and someone else pays for them. But would be a bit expensive for the rest of us.

    I have a saddle with a grippy top surface, A selle san marco Ponza, which does a pretty good job of holding me in place. Check out saddles in your LBS.
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    ha ha just like my skateboard 30 years ago lol