Egg beater MRX bearings? is this normal

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I know egg beaters are not a road pedal but both pairs of shoes I own are SPD fitting only. I purchased some egg beater MRX pedals from a seller on ebay Link

They turned up yesterday at my work and I opened them today, First impressions are not good. The bearings feel horrible, Really notchy and almost like they have been overtightened. I know they are the lowest spec, but my M520s feel buttery smooth and they are even cheaper pedals.

What should I do? Do I:

A: Contact the seller and see if this is a common thing, If so return for a refund as it's not really good enough quality.

B: Contact CB and see if there is any way to confirm they are genuine, and if this is a common complaint.

C: Raise the issue with the seller and fit to bike to see if they bed in.

D: Strip and regrease, see how I get on.

These were purchased on a bit of a whim, I have always liked the look of these and just wanted to try them out of curiosity really.

Thanks :wink:


  • riggsy81
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    I have/had these with the anodised blue springs and after a few months they seized completely. I aim in the process of getting replaced/refunded under warranty
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  • Bar Shaker
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    Egg Beaters have a terrible reliability record.

    If you bought their base spec ones and bought them off eBay, it's very unlikely that you paid more than £10 so you haven't really lost anything. If you can, send them back for a refund.

    Then buy M520s or, even better, M540s and enjoy years of trouble free pedalling.
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  • Buckled_Rims
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    The reliability record put me off egg beaters despite the fact they are probably the best for shedding mud. I always google a product before buying and that search brought up lots of bearings going Kaput.

    I've also M520 and cannot fault their reliability and toughness.
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  • appletrees
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    Great pedals, crap bearings sadly.

    So, in summary, yes, it's normal.
  • DaveHudson
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    Cheers gents, Glad to know it's a standard problem.

    I emailed the seller last night and they said they had a bad batch and are going to refund when they get them back.

    I'll stick with the 520s for now. :)