Friction in rear freehub?

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I've just bought a new second hand wheelset (Mavic CXP22 rims on Specialized hubs, I think they come as standard on the 2011 Allez) and there seems to be a lot of friction in the rear freehub. When I spin the rear wheel fairly fast it'll barely complete 3 full revolutions before stopping, compared with my old Alex wheelset which span for about 5 minutes! It's definitely not the brakes rubbing because I've opened the cam and the pads are well clear of the rim and tyre.

I was thinking of buying to cone spanners to service my MTB hubs, so would I be best to just strip the whole lot down and clean it all? I've had a good read of the park tools guide to freehub servicing, so I think I'll be competent enough to do it, but if you think this will solve the problem, what grease/lube would you guys recommend?

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  • Monty Dog
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    If the wheels are new, then it's probably due to bearing seal drag and them needing to wear in rather than needing a service.
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    Are you holding the free hub or the axle when you spin 'em?

    The wheels aren't expensive so it's likely you won't be able to get into the Freehub, but you can service the hub itself

    As Monty says, if they are new, pop off the rubber seals over the cones, and add a little chain oil to all the inside surfaces, them pop them back on. this should take care of any seal stickiness.