Principia Ellipse 2006 - anyone know anything about these?

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As a follow on from my earlier query: does anyone know anything about the Principia Ellipse frameset - ie is it a race/audax/sportive frame, are things like head set bearings etc still available for the 2006 model, has anyone ridden one and has any opinions?

I've done the normal Google searches but no reviews, only one thread on Weightweenies re fork fitting problems.

Also, would it be a better (ie stiffer, quicker steering race frame) then a Ribble 7500 ultralight?

Any comments very gratefully received



  • Monty Dog
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    The Ellipse was their top end race frame - 'sportive' frames didn't exist then - it retailed for something like a grand and would certainly be a better quality frame than a Ribble 7005 alloy. The problem was they went bust, as did the UK distributors RBS and therefore you've no warranty support. I expect it takes a regular headset, but have no direct experience of this particular model. I know a few guys who raced them back then and liked them - a bit like a better-quality Cannondale.
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    I've a Rex e, it has the ellipse headtube. As for headsets - mine still has the original in place, seems fine, I think there are replacements available or you can work a way of using std sized 1 1/8 headsets. Very stiff top-end race frameset of it's day I'd say. Having said that I've squeezed in a set of Raceblades for times when the roads are a bit damp, helped keep the worst of the muck off.
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    And the one I found with £900 off has sold overnight - hell's teeth! Teaches me to procrastinate!

    No worries - thankyou very much indeed for the advice - much appreciated.