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After lots of deliberation I finally decided to blow some wonga on new wheels knowing full well gains could be marginal at best. I've asked in here a number of times and most people had an opinion however there was no overwhelming evidence either way. so here are my thoughts for anyone else thinking the same:

Bike: spesh roubaix elite 2009 all stock with cxp rims and spesh hubs

I purchased some rs80's and have mich pro 3's fitted (I did had the pro 3's on the cxp's too so I am just comparing the wheels not the wheels and tyres)


On the flat and down hill nothing much to comment apart from slightly better ride, maybe slightly quicker up to speed but probably more in my mind and of no use to me any way as I don't race.


this is where all the difference lies, must admit to being a least a gear higher on a like for like. This is the only area where I can tell a real difference and my eyes makes the upgrade worthwhile.

So a fairly simple and short view but in a nutshell if you fancy getting up hills a little quicker then a worthwhile exercise. Loosing body weight would be more effective however I'm already at my fighting weight so wheels were a good option.

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    I have the same bike and upgraded to Roval wheels saving 700 grams- the Mavix CXPs are bloody heavy.

    Fitting schwalbe ultremos with Turbo Tubes saved another 250 grams

    Massive difference

    All those people who say its all in the mind are talking garbage - real tangible difference