Giant TCR Advanced 1, Specialized Tarmac SL3....?

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Does anyone have one of the above bikes and can offer some feedback please? Weight, quality, problems? Or any other recommendations for around £3k?


  • rjh299
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    Cannondale Super Six hi mod Sram Red £3500
  • airbusboy
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    Just built a custom TCR adv SL 2010 for around 3-3.2k.... looks amazing and the inaugural ride is today :-)... I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Just got a Scapin Blake, Easton EC90 bars, EA90 stem EA90SL wheels and Chorus groupset for £2300 with a bit of savvy shopping.
    Could get a Hysak with your budget nicely kitted out.
    That said I like my 'dale HiMod before it's accident.
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    Hi, im riding a spec s works sl3 at the moment , and loving it .Its the most stable, stiffest frame i have ridden yet ( i can only copmpare it with a scott addict r1 and a trek 6.9) its lightweight and decends and climbs very well ,the paint finish is 1st class and i have no issues with reliability. Some people may say the ride is very harsh but i think its more to do with tyre psi and quality of the roads , although over longer rides you do feel just what a stiff race frame this is .But one i think you would enjoy
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    I have the tcr adv isp - love it.

    Next time I get a new frame it will be a tcr adv sl - unfortunately that's not going to be any time soon :-( Though part of this is because the fit is just right for me - which is probably the most important thing.

    My friend rides the sl3 and raves about it too. I don't think you can go far wrong with either to be honest (as long as they fit right).
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    cheers for the replies.
  • airbusboy
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    Well i've had two spins on my (2010) TCR adv sl now ; one hilly 63miler and one build session (hill repeats etc). Verdict......
    I LOVE IT.

    It's super light; without all the usual crap (saddle bag, 2 bottles etc) it weighs 7kg. So climbing is fun.

    Joy to ride out of the saddle: It just wants to accelerate, super stiff rear end and no noticeable flex. My winter bike is a Steel Planet X which now feels like a sofa out of the saddle.

    Comfortable: It's just as comfy, if not more so, over the rough london roads as the steel stead (which is definitely not a harsh ride)

    I've limited knowledge of other carbon steads but i'm super pleased with it.

    Wiggle are selling 2010 TCR Adv SL framesets fairly cheaply, and good groupsets on merlin for reasonable money!

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    Does anyone own an expensive bike that they dont like?


    either all bikes past a certain level are a much of a muchness

    people are not equiped to notice the minor differences or there are too many variables

    once you've spent loads of cash you dont want to publically admin your disappointed

    Probably a combination of the above!?

    I'm not lucky enough to have ridden enough high end bikes to know!
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    I didn't like or perhaps take to a Scott Addict R15 I had with an £4000 rrp.
    Bike weighed 6.5kg, DA wheels, SramForce Ritchey WCS Carbon etc so was a damn good bike on paper.
    Lost my cycling mojo for 6mths and bought the above bike during that time to help me get it back but it just didn't work.
    I've just got a Scapin which still cost a fair bit (less than the Scott though), is heavier but I much prefer riding.
    Maybe it's the weather getting better, maybe it's just the colour but I prefer it to the Scott.
    That said I agree not many people don't like their superbike but that's probably because they spend a long time choosing it and know exactly what they need.
    I agree with your other reasons as well to be honest be honest but I still din't like the Scott.

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